SPL - SPL (Sound Pressure Level) is the most popular format in Bass Wars. We approach SPL a little differently than other organizations. You are able to put the sensor anywhere in front of the front seat location that you like. You may play any music that you like. We want you to get your best score possible. some vehicles pressure better in different places so we don't think you should be force to put the sensor in a location that we say you should, put it where your vehicle is loudest beyond the front seat location.

Crowd Loud - Crowd Loud format is performed by parking 10' from the sensor and playing your system for 30 seconds. The SPL will be averaged for those 30 seconds.

Port Wars - The Port War format is performed by putting the sensor inside the outermost port in your subwoofer enclosure. We measure your peak SPLĀ in the Port Wars format.

Hot Seat - The Hot Seat format is an average of your SPL over 30 seconds with the sensor placed in the hot seat of your vehicle. The hot seat either of the front seats that you choose.